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  • How to safely stream/torrent content in Germany?

Torrenting is a popular technique that is used for downloading songs, games and movies. It uses peer to peer file sharing skill whereby many users can be able to connect to some files as opposed to depending on a particular website to download the files.

However, for so many years there has been the old age question of whether torrenting is legal and safe. People have confused torrenting with pirating but, contrary to the public opinion, they are very much different.

  • Is torrenting considered illegal?

Torrenting is very tempting especially for the movie enthusiasts. They will often be looking for the best sites for torrenting to get the content they are looking for. Torrenting is also very easy and anyone can do it since all you need is internet and a computer. Most sites also usually give the users an impression that there are no risks of any legal issues around torrenting.

Generally, torrenting itself is completely legal. However, in many countries and places, the illegality comes in because of the aspect of downloading and then distributing material that has been copyrighted.

Torrenting is risky to the user because you can easily download files that have been infected and if you download material that is copyrighted, then rest assured that authorities will be on your case.

In some countries torrent is legal and other it is illegal. If you are residing in German, torrenting is not allowed.

  • Regulations of torrenting in Germany

Unlike in other more liberal countries, downloading movies when you are in German is a very risky activity. You can get massive fines because of downloading using torrent. When the downloads are marked to your IP address even if someone else is using it without your consent, you will most probably get lawyers on your case demanding for money.

  • What happens if a person is caught torrenting?

In Germany, torrenting is a serious crime to the extent that lawyers are hired from large firm by the movie studios to specifically monitor the torrent swarms. If you are torrenting and they discover your IP address, they simply ask your ISP to get your street address. Once they have gotten your street address, you will receive an Abmahnung which basically is a formal request which is summoning you to make payment of anywhere between 500 to 1500 euros.

In Germany, the lawyers usually go for the low hanging fruits meaning that they target the users as opposed to the movie pirate. They do not put in so much effort to prosecute the movie pirates. This explains why when you are caught you will only pay a fine but you will not be prosecuted from streaming the movies. As established, getting an IP address of people streaming is very easy.

If you are caught, you can hire a lawyer so that at the very least your fine is reduced to 100-300 euros. This will still be expensive because either way you will pay the fine and also pay the lawyer for his services which ultimately may end up being more expensive or the same amount as the initial fine.

  • Tips of how to torrent safely while in Germany

The temptation to access free content in the digital media leads to millions of people across the globe torrenting on a daily basis despite the ramifications of torrenting. It is not hard to comprehend why people would still want to torrent movies and software with this illegality question in mind.

Since despite the risks people choose to still torrent, there are some precautions the users can take especially those residing in Germany to still access the content they want while at the same time avoiding fines and other risks involved.

You will need to consider;

  • Using a VPN for torrenting

For the longest time, using VPNs has been the most ideal tool to trick your device on your current location. VPNs will allow the users to hide their IP address and hence cannot be traced by anyone. A VPN bypasses all geographic restrictions hence you can get your content from anywhere despite the restrictions.

Using VPNs is legal in Germany but you need to be very careful not to breach the copyright issues. When it comes to getting the right VPN to allow you to torrent in German, it is very important to get one that has powerful encryption which will ensure you get the best possible privacy.

There are plenty of service providers offering VPNs. They all have a difference in price points, protections available in Germany and even in their ease of use.

  • Avoid torrenting the latest movies or audio albums

Naturally, the latest content released is what most copyright right holders will want to protect the most. This therefore goes without saying that they will be very proactive in trying to get people who are downloading them illegally to take up legal actions against them.

  • Use Tor

If you want to remain anonymous when you torrent in Germany, you can consider using Tor and VPN together. The network just like VPN uses encryption and uses a technique that hides your online activity. On the flip side though, is the fact that when using Tor chances of having slower performance are high.

  • Conclusion

Whereas some countries like Germany do not allow torrenting because of the copyright issues, you as the user can still access the content you wish. There are some precautions like ensuring you are using VPN to protect you by hiding your IP address and the content you are accessing. This will help you avoid any legal suits against you.