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DayZ Standalone – Changelog Stable Update 0.59

Das lang ersehnte Stable Update 0.59 zu „DayZ Standalone“ wurde am vergangenen Donnerstag, den 10. Dezember endlich veröffentlicht! Den Überlebenden erwarten unzählige Veränderungen und Neuigkeiten, die das Gameplay noch schöner machen…

Folgend der Changelog zum neuesten Stable. Update 0.59

  • Version: 0.59.130861
  • Größe 1,7 GB
  • Liste aktualisiert am 15. Dezember 2015, 23:55 UMTS 

Patchnotes Exp. Update #2


Fahrzeuge/ Einzelteile

  • Civilian Sedan
    • Civilian Sedan „Fahrertür“
    • Civilian Sedan „Beifahrertür“
    • Civilian Sedan „Tür Hinten Links“
    • Civilian Sedan „Tür Hinten Rechts“
    • Civilian Sedan „Motothaube“
    • Civilian Sedan „Kofferraumhaube“
    • Civilian Sedan „Reifen“
  • Offroad Hatchback (Lada Niva)
    • Offroad Hatchback „Fahrertür“
    • Offroad Hatchback „Beifahrertür“
    • Offroad Hatchback „Motothaube“
    • Offroad Hatchback „Kofferraumhaube“
    • Offroad „Reifen“
  • Bus (Ikarus)
    • Bus „Motorhaube“
    • Bus „Türe Links“
    • Bus „Türe Rechts“
    • Bus „Frontreifen“
    • Bus „Heckreifen (2x)“
  • V3S LKW
    • V3S „Fahrertür“
    • V3S „Beifahrertür“
    • V3S „Motorhaube“
  • Sonstiges:
    • Autobatterie
    • Scheinwerfer „Glühbirne“
    • Zündkerze


Weitere „Items“

  • 10 Round Clip (9mm)
  • 10 Round VSS Mag
  • 20 Round CZ61 mag
  • Wildschweine in dem Tierreich
  • Blaubeeren (Neues Model)
  • Gasmaske „GP5 “
  • Great Helm
  • Laborkittel
  • Rauchgranaten „M18“ in Rot,Weiss,Gelb
  • Krankenschwester Kittel (blau/weiss)
  • Rauchgranate „RDG 2 “ in Weiss
  • Mauser Red 9 Schulterstütze
  • Rote Beeren (Neues Model)
  • Rocket Aviators „Brille“
  • SP-6 Rounds / SP-6 20 Rounds
  • Speer (Zum selbst bauen)
  • Stahlhelm „SSH68 “
  • Leuchtfackel (Neues Model)
  • Kleiderschrank (Items verstaubar) Nur beim alten UI / Wird behoben!!!
  • Wasserdichter Beutel (gelb/orange/grün)


Leider nicht zum übersetzen gekommen! Bei Fragen bitte im Kommentar Bereich melden…
  • Barrels can now be punctured with a knife to create a Barrel with holes
  • Barrel with holes can now be filled with kindling and firewood and used as a Fireplace
  • Cooking Pot can be attached to Barrel with holes and used for cooking (lid must be closed)
  • Double Wheels (Truck) can be separated with a Lug Wrench
  • Empty vessel animation (pour out container)
  • Flashbang grenades can damage your legs if caught in the blast
  • Grenade tripwires now work properly
  • Hotkey slots are now numbered
  • Improvised Ashwood Short Bow must now be manually reloaded after every shot
  • It is now possible to chamber a bullet and then attach a magazine (i.e. 1+5 rounds for CR527 Carbine)
  • Items no long require player interaction before they begin to despawn. (This is a HUGE improvement to the CLE, as you see MANY more items along the coastline)
  • Magazines must be on your hotbar to quickly reload, pressing R no longer works for reloading (very few people have been able to still reload with R for some strange reason)
  • Manual transmission is now implemented (shift gears using „Q“ and „E“ keys by default)
  • Pistols now spawn with their slide back to indicate that they are empty
  • Reloading a weapon with an internal magazing (Red 9, Mosin, SKS, etc) is easier, you can place bullets in your hotbar and fill the weapon with bullets, even if there are still a few rounds left inside
  • Refueling now requires you to look directly at the gas-cap of a vehicle
  • Repeater Rifle holds 7 rounds (it used to be 11)
  • Snaploaders (i.e. 5Rnd Clip) now load ammunition into the gun’s internal magazine and do not stay attached to the gun
  • The number of available hotkey slots is now limited, and the number available increases depending upon what clothing you are wearing. Each piece of clothing has an assigned value of „quick bar bonus“ that adds that number of slots to what you have available
  • Tripwire can now have a grenade attached to it (not yet functional)
  • Vehicle body panels (door, hood) can be removed using a Wrench
  • Vehicle wheels must be removed using a Lug Wrench (with exception of Transit Bus)
  • V3S can now carry two individual Truck Wheels behind the cab that do not take up general inventory space
  • Zombies have a distinct sound when swinging at a player to strike them

Überarbeitete Orte

  • Berezino
  • Nord West Ecke (Tisy Military Base)

Begehbare Gebäude

  • Eckhaus
  • Getreidelager (Dilo)
  • Graue Backsteinlfabrik
  • Industrie Werkstatt
  • Industrie Workshop
  • Sägewerk
  • Roter Backsteinhaus
  • Holzschuppen
  • Gelbe Kirche


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  •  300 Rnd Ammo Box is now known as Ammunition Box
  • 7.62x39mm Rounds and .45ACP Rounds are now spawning in non-military areas
  • Aspect ratio is now set automatically based on your display’s resolution and users do not have the option to set it manually
  • Burlap Sack is now only 1 slot
  • Motorbike Helmet and Gas mask can no longer be worn together
  • Network communication optimizations (80% reduction in network messages, reduced size of network messages)
  • Repeater internal magazine capacity reduced from 11 rounds to 7
  • More processes have been changed to x64 (64-bit) for improved server performance, intended to reduce desync
  • Weapon sway has been reduced
  • Zombies reintroduced in large numbers


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  • AK Handguard Rail does not accept attachments
  • Bear Traps and Land Mines are not persistent
  • Car Tent does not fit in V3S inventory
  • Cooked meat (including fish) makes you sick
  • Certain firearms do not fit inside tent inventories
  • Clothing and Equipment that has been repaired does not always display properly updated condition
  • Crafting fertilizer in a barrel does not produce enough to use in tanning pelts into leather
  • Duct Tape does not despawn over time
  • Error message upon loading game: „Confirmation of Changes — Bad vehicle type B_762x51_Ball_Five“
  • Fireplaces can be moved on the ground by dragging them around in the inventory screen
  • Fireplaces continue to glow long after they have burned all their fuel
  • Firing a gun may only produce the associated noise and visual effects to the person firing, appearing to other players as though the gun had not been fired
  • Fish Net Trap consumes an entire stack of Netting when crafted
  • Fish Net Trap degrades condition without use
  • Flashbangs no longer flash you through walls
  • Forcefeeding another player Human Steak makes yourself sick
  • Forcefully unlocked doors allow zombies through despite the door still being „closed“
  • Fuel gauge in V3S always shows empty
  • Game crashes after painting Blaze 95 with Spraypaint
  • Gas Mask (old style one) is able to be equipped with the Ballistic Helmet
  • Handcuffs show as pristine condition on the ground regardless of actual condition
  • Improvised Ashwood Short Bow disappears when crafted if player already has a weapon
  • Items in a vehicle’s inventory are unable to be transferred directly to another vehicle or person; items must first be put on the ground
  • Items showing on the ground on main menu screen
  • Izh 18 Rifle has no sound to other players but can be heard by the person firing it
  • Ladders are no longer accessible through walls
  • Liquid containers and some stacked items are not updating percentage/quantity of contents properly
  • Placing hot food in your inventory may quickly kill you
  • Players are able to exit a wrecked vehicle without opening the door first
  • Players „swimming“ on land
  • Police cars spawning twice in one spot
  • Reloading a primary weapon (i.e. rifle) requires that weapon to be in your inventory or on your back (new UI only)
  • Scopes equipped to rifles may disappear when the rifle is painted with Spraypaint
  • Splint uses more than one rag when crafted
  • Steyr AUG equipped with Silencer NATO produces the wrong sound when fired
  • Tire Repair Kit can not repair Double Wheel Tires
  • Truck Battery or Glow Plug are unable to be installed on V3S when top row of vehicle inventory is in use
  • Truck Wheels on V3S are automatically repaired on server restart
  • UMP45 cannot be equipped with a flashlight
  • Vaulting a fence with a weapon in your hands results in dropping the weapon
  • V3S engine behaves erratically when vehicle becomes stuck
  • V3S sometimes starts without glow plugs
  • V3S will sometimes tip over at very low speeds on uneven surfaces
  • V3S works even with a ruined Glow Plug and/or Truck Battery
  • Vehicles unable to be refueled unless engine is running
  • Weapon handguards are unable to be removed or swapped out
  • Wheels can no longer be used as a bulletproof shield
  • Wrong description for some versions of leather hat, leather vest, leather jacket, and leather moccasins

Bekannte Fehler

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  • ACOG scope has no crosshair in damaged state
  • Barrel with holes despawns after 30 minutes (not being counted as persistent)
  • Barrel interaction is buggy when barrels are placed into trees/foliage
  • Bear Traps not spawning
  • Cooking Pots filled with water cannot be stored inside another container (feature?)
  • Drinking from a cooking pot with an item in it will get you fully hydrated
  • Driving into a player will not harm them or kill them
  • Emptying a vessel such as a Canteen is not always successful
  • Items may be seen and interacted with in the inventory screen even when they are on another floor of the building
  • Items sometimes disappear
  • Kashtan Scope bugged.
  • Key bindings for hotbar items may sometimes be lost when player logs in and out of the game
  • Knives of multiple types can be equipped to your shoulder like an axe pic
  • Land Mines not spawning
  • MP5 Front Sights bugged
  • New spawns using NewUI cause your clothing to be invisible, and it’s impossible to equip new clothing. Relog or suicide and respawn fix this.
  • NewUI doesn’t require tools to manipulate vehicle parts. OldUI does.
  • Persistence is not functioning properly Villayer has made an announcement this was on their end
  • Players cannot look up in a realistic manner
  • Players may be unable to remove vehicle parts (old UI only)
  • Players using a Walkie-Talkie may be heard all over the map even after you have dropped your own radio. Solved by logging out and logging back in
  • Various issues with the actual process of reloading
  • Scopes on weapons may appear to have missing textures when looking through them
  • Vehicles can drive underwater again
  • Vehicles may move on their own when parts are removed from them
  • Wheels randomly disappear off vehicles while driving bug report
  • While harvesting fruits/vegetables grown via horticulture, they may disappear if you do not have room for them in your inventory
  • World Containers only accessible with OLDUI
  • Zombies cause glitchy physics with vehicles, flipping the vehicle

Unbestätigte Fehler

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  • AKM Handrails need to be painted black before a bipod can be added
  • Cooking pot gets stuck in your hands after drinking from it. Relog will fix
  • Crossbow reload animation repeats twice every time you load a new bolt
  • Disconnect on player location between Hive and Client, demonstrated when dropping an item. The item will appear in a place you just were (in a previously visited room or elsewhere)
  • Geometry bug in Fire stations preventing travel up ladders or stairs
  • Headlights from headlight kits not working
  • Helicopter crash sites despawn/move every hour instead of every 4 hours as intended
  • Interacting with a vehicle sometimes gives a false „You are dead“ message. Relogging fixes this
  • Items stay on ground even if picked up
  • Weapon Firing sounds bugged, sometimes you hear the audio of a different weapon
  • When removing a double tire with lug wrench, it sometimes disappears and only reappears when you relog

Natürlich wird diese Liste aktuell gehalten, sobald neue Änderungen erscheinen!

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